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Achieve the perfect balance of treating your customers ethically, while optimising your collections, recoveries and outcomes. 

We'll deliver you best of both worlds

In redefining how businesses in the debt industry manage ethical collections, customer
recoveries, debt sale and IVAs, we are taking the lead in responsible debt management.
We are doing so through the power of Equifax’s unique global data insights, the knowledge of a best-in-class panel of experts, and through our own advanced analytics.



Working smarter with the best data

Our team of expert data analysts combine the power of unique data insights from Equifax, from credit files, bank accounts and from millions of quality checks on debt collection agencies and much more. It means we can better understand different consumers, and work with them in smarter ways to find their best way out of debt. With over 1.9 million impactful and supportive conversations with consumers.
We only work with best-in-class partners who share our passion to find new ways to make the debt sector work better. This we will do by improving services for consumers, raising industry standards, promoting environmental, social and governance standards, and by making certain our work has a positive and lasting impact for consumers, clients and communities. We recover over £850M annually for our clients.
Financial education, training and research are the cornerstones of what we do and so far we have delivered 1,000 hours of community education provided by TDX Group. We are committed to helping deliver financial education to over one million consumers over the next three years. To do this, we are partnering with expert partners, suppliers and clients to continually improve the products and services we provide to improve consumer confidence in how they manage their money. At the same time, we are creating opportunities through schools and colleges to give the next generation of consumers the financial skills they need too

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