Recoveries Management

Recoveries Management from TDX Group is a fully managed debt recovery service that uses the most up-to-date view of your customer at every point in the process.

By aligning consumer insight and activity in a seamless process, you drive performance and control.

When consumer insight and activity is aligned, you can optimise the recovery of money owed – fairly, quickly and profitably.

Five capabilities deliver the right outcomes for you and your customer

Recoveries Management combines consumer insights, practical strategies, controlled processes and flexible technology to manage, and link, the full process of collecting money owed.

Because we can manage the full process, we are able to take information about your customer, enrich their profile and evolve activity strategies throughout the recoveries life cycle of your relationship with them.

By accessing the full market of specialist suppliers we can ensure that tailored strategies are carried out by the right supplier for the job.

Our five capabilities offer best practice in four key components

An up-to-date customer view

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