Proof of Debt Online

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Proof Of Debt Online (PODO) is a web-based data exchange platform that enables TIX Clients to exchange account level proof of debt data ‘real time’ in priority order.

PODO reduces client operational costs and increases efficiency by:

  • Creating client operational flexibility – only work what is a priority.
  • Improving data security – removing spread sheet data exchange.
  • Improving data quality – reducing exceptions and allowing clients to instantly QA work.
  • Providing an audit trail and system of record.


Features and benefits:

  • Secure data exchange – access to TDX Group Secure Portal Technology, reduced need for spread sheets and no requirement for encryption software (and maintenance).
  • Multiple user access – up to four users per client and reduced risk of splitting spread sheets.
  • Operational flexibility – prioritise based on MOC date not spread sheet date, ability to flex operations teams to volumes and have multiple users logged in at any time.
  • Data quality – client responsible for data quality, reduction in manual processing and QA available at the touch of a button.
  • Account level updates – updates PODs at an account level (as opposed to batches), real time updates direct into the TIX platform and puts the client in control.

Facts and figures:

  • PODO went live in July 2013.
  • Over 166,000 PODs were confirmed through the PODO platform in 2015.
  • PODO users say
  • PODO users say
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