Respecting and supporting the needs of our colleagues

Respecting everyone's need for flexibility at times, and understanding that work-life balance is important, is a vital part of TDX's Group ethos.  

Over the years we have helped our colleagues with:

  • Flexible and part-time working
  • Phased return to work programmes after maternity leave or illness
  • Colleague sabbaticals
  • Working abroad

Here, one of our colleagues explains why she took a sabatical to work in Kenya. 

Becky Kitson  hghg

Becky Kitson, Operations Specialist, Recoveries Management

"In 2012, with TDX’s support to give me the time off, I started to raise money to fund the trip of my dreams – a month’s career break to work in Kenya. 

By October, I had raised enough money and as part of the Global Volunteer Network, I was able to travel to Kenya to work in an orphanage as well as visit some schools and slums. The trip made it really hit home just how much I have. I saw a disabled child being helped across the floor or carried because they could not afford a wheelchair. In the slums children were going through waste sites looking for clothes and food to eat.

From start to finish I felt I had the support of my colleagues, and TDX. I held a successful cake sale at work, a month’s worth of colleague donations and TDX even donated £250 to help me well on the way to paying for this experience. I am still in touch with the orphanage and will continue to support it and the schools I visited by making donations. This was an experience never to be forgotten and my continued thanks go to TDX for allowing me this opportunity.”