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At TDX Group we are committed to creating solutions for the personal insolvency market that ensure insolvencies represent value for all involved

Our solutions for Insolvency Practitioners

  • TIX: if you are an IP with a case being handled by TIX, use the button on the right to log-in to our IP communications secure area.

Key themes in the personal insolvency market

Personal insolvencies are crucial debt solutions in the UK that offer consumers in genuine financial difficulty a structured and balanced way to repay to their creditors, with an appropriate level of debt forgiveness provided in return. Ensuring that insolvencies are provided appropriately, are sustainable and achieve the right balance requires confidence and takes a significant commitment on behalf of all involved - creditors, IPs and consumers. At TDX Group we are committed to working within the personal insolvency market, creating products that ensure personal insolvencies represent value for all involved. The key themes in the market are:

  • The rise of the lower contribution IVA.
  • Arrival of the Protected Trust Deed Guidance in Scotland.
  • Pressures on maintaining case value.
  • Decline of bankruptcies and growth of DROs.
  • The rise in consumer household debt.
  • The introduction of the Debt Management Protocols.

Our experience

Since the launch of our insolvency management platform, TIX, in 2006, TDX Group has been working alongside Insolvency Practitioners (IPs).

Our TIX platform is the UK's largest IVA and Trust Deed management platform. Operated on behalf of Creditors it is connected to over 650 insolvency practitioner (IP) firms and 1,750 individual IPs. We have visibility of 90% of IVAs and PTDs (200+ per day). As a result we understand the challenges and demands of the personal insolvency market including deep insights into the behaviours and demographics of insolvent consumers.

In 2013 we completed the integration of a specialist software provider, enabling us to provide IPs with a modern software solution that drives more efficient and effective processes which is an ever-growing requirement as the pressure on IP margins increases.

  • The latest data on monthly insolvency trends
  • The latest data on monthly insolvency trends
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