We help consumers in arrears and creditors have a better relationship

Using data to make informed decisions is at the heart of what TDX Group does. Our technology has been built to provide trusted data, gathered from multiple sources, and to deliver it as a single view of individuals and their financial circumstances. We believe this is the only way that businesses can treat their customers fairly and appropriately.

Because we work with industry regulators and know the debt industry inside and out, we identify the most effective ways of recovering money which, the way we do it, helps both the consumer pay off their debts and the creditor receive their money back in a suitable timeframe.

From stopping unnecessary calls and letters, to getting in touch with consumers in a more appropriate way (and even at the right time of day), to identifying those people who need additional support because they are in significant debt to multiple creditors – we help those in debt and creditors have a better relationship with each other. The controls and processes our technology provides record all account activity and makes sure everyone is treated fairly.