Changing the way the industry interacts with consumers

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The almost ubiquitous adoption of internet, email and SMS on both fixed and mobile devices and the increasing desire for consumers to use some or all of these channels in day-to-day life, means the debt industry has an opportunity to reinvent the way it interacts with consumers in arrears.

TDX Group sits at the centre of the debt industry and by working with many different industry partners, we’ve been able to gather a unique breadth of data across all sectors and debt types. Combining this with our unparalleled testing approach on a wide variety of e-collections strategies, TDX Group now understands very clearly which consumers will respond to e-collections activities, how they will react to different strategies, and how to use the right platforms and tools to optimise returns.

TDX Group offers products and services to both creditors and debt collection agencies, providing flexible engagement and commercial models. All of our technology and services are designed specifically for the debt industry - fully compliant with debt industry regulations, easy to use and convenient for your customers, work across multiple platforms including smartphones and tablets and are proven to contribute to an increase in customer engagement and results.

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