Colleague progression

At TDX Group we pride ourselves in developing our colleagues. Here are a few profiles that demonstrate how rapidly some individuals have progressed their careers and their personal development.

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Analyst roles

Emma Mosley   

Emma Mosley, Analyst

"I'm quite new to TDX but so far my typical working day includes supporting the Spanish team and testing data sent by new clients.

There are lots of good things about working for TDX, from the coffee machine and dress down Fridays to working with a really helpful team and finding my new role both interesting and challenging.

TDX appeared to me like a good company to work for because the people seemed friendly and helpful and there seemed a lot of opportunity to progress either in my current team or within a different team across the business, and it's living up to my expectations.

Since joining, I have developed my SQL skills as well as increasing my general knowledge of TDX as company and the debt industry. My communication skills have also improved as I have to talk various people in different teams in order to complete tasks for them.”

Matt Wallis

Matt Wallis, Lead Analyst

"I don’t really have such a thing as a ‘typical’ day. On a daily basis, I generally field queries from departments such as operations, client relationship management and agency management. These can range from simple data requests to performance insight to resolving client problems or concerns. My core responsibilities for my team and myself are understanding performance across the business lines and communicating that around the business and back to the clients. It can range from bespoke analysis or more standard, structured, monthly and quarterly presentations to the client.

Two key aspects for me about working at TDX are variety and responsibility. I have worked in previous roles where the job scope is very narrow, however with TDX being a relatively small company, it means that most roles are fairly broad, particularly in analytics. We have to understand the complete debt journey in order to understand performance and offer insight and suggested improvements on it, whilst also supporting the operation and making sure the journey is a smooth one. There is lots of responsibility even for our more junior analysts. We have a skilled analytics team and are given opportunities to demonstrate that through client meetings and internal projects.

I like the fact that TDX focuses on being a data and analytics company, is a great place to work, emphasises employee well-being, and before working here, I heard great testimonies by people I knew who had worked, or still work, at TDX. I also like the appeal of a smaller company and the wide variety and responsibility. TDX is also quite a young company, so it’s a good working environment where everyone wants to be here and is driven to achieve success.

At university I studied Computer and Management Sciences, and before coming to TDX had not really used the technical side of my degree since university. However at TDX where SQL is a key skill for the analyst team, I picked up from where I left off previously and built my coding skillset back up, and this time in a real world situation. My degree had helped build the core skills and understanding of programming languages, and whilst it’s not a pre-requisite we always look for, certainly allowed me to settle into the role quickly. My time at TDX has also allowed me to build up my VBA skillset. I had not used this before but has allowed me to build more clever and efficient Management Information and processes." 

Benjamin Hanks

Benjamin Hanks, Senior Value Analyst

"There is no typical day at TDX! Generally a day will consist of production of weekly or monthly Management Information and keeping a general eye on performance and identifying anything worth investigating.

In addition, there are usually a reasonable amount of requests coming from other teams for information on performance, activity, or input towards other pieces of work. As a general rule, there are usually also one or two bigger, overarching projects going at any one time, as well as tasks that need repeating occasionally on a bespoke basis, and these take up some time also.

I really enjoy the variety and the scope I'm given to think up different solutions to old problems and find the best ways of doing things - I rarely do the same thing two days in a row, and if I find myself doing it, I can try and find a way of reducing my time re-doing things.

TDX has a very strong community feel which I got on my first arrival in the building, and the scope and variety of the role that I was promised appeal to my nature. It was a challenging but interesting role in a challenging but interesting sector, all of which leads to an ever-changing work environment.

Since joining TDX, I have had to learn SQL code from a starting basis of nothing, and I've always found the best way of learning to be by kinaesthetic methods. With this in mind, after an initial online training course, most of the learning I've done has been on the job, generally by working things out but also by utilising the knowledge of those around me to find multiple or more efficient methods of doing things.

Indeed, I have now reached the stage where newer members of the team are utilising my knowledge to help them solve queries, and this is one of the great things about TDX. The people are very good, but at the same time very happy to share that knowledge so that everyone feels capable of all tasks they come up against."

Management roles

Rich Payne

Rich Payne, Head of Operations

"I joined TDX in September 2006 as an Operations Specialist in TIX. I helped with the set-up of processes and the TIX platform and even helped on-board TIX’s very first client.

Less than a year later, I was promoted to Team Leader of TIX Review Team, leading them through a period of rapid growth as the client-base grew.

In June 2009, I progressed to TIX Team Manager reporting to the Head of TIX where I was responsible for four TIX teams (40 people) as well as our key outsource partner, BancTec.

Most recently, in June 2011, I have taken on the role of Head of Operations reporting to the Director of Liquidation Services. This is the largest department in TDX and I have responsibility for five operational teams comprising 70 colleagues, delivering to more than 30 clients.

Although I think I am now seen by many as one of the ‘old-timers’ of TDX, I still feel new! The variety in the roles I have had means I am always energised by the next challenge.”

Antony Dear

Antony Dear, Head of Professional Services

"I have been at TDX Group since 2006 when I started my career here as an IT Business Analyst developing and building the core platform for our Recoveries Management business.

Less than a year later I became Development Team Leader taking responsibility for the team I was once part of. After conducting a number of client-facing projects I joined our Advisory department as a Consultant. Here I managed a number of high profile consultancy projects with significant blue chip clients, and after a year was promoted to Senior Consultant.

In 2010 I took the opportunity to move back into Recoveries Management as a Project Manager overseeing the team that drove change for the whole of Recoveries Management. I then took on the role of developing our debt placement and management Platform, PLATO, seeking new applications and markets for this product, ensuring it is appealing and relevant for a growing range of clients.   

Most recently, I have progressed to Head of Professional Services. In this role I manage a team of Project Managers and Business Analysts responsible for the implementation of the different TDX products into our ever-growing list of clients. Recently my team have managed projects delivering to clients in the UK, Spain and Australia. This role gives me a great opportunity to interact with our clients and oversee their transition on to our platforms and services.     

The past 7 years at TDX Group have been fantastic. I have had to learn quickly and I am always busy, however TDX has given me vast amounts of opportunity to develop both in terms of my career and my professional qualifications. The common theme amongst TDX colleagues is the eagerness and willingness to be successful - everybody wants to see the company do well and to be part of that company ethic is very exciting."

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